I know its been asked before but the thread confused me

    I want to know how to rename a url insted of the website coming up like a "click here" thing does insted

    Like i said i know its been asked but i got confused



    If you click the hyperlink button which is the 3rd from the right after clicking post reply, and add the link there, the bit you can change to text will be highlighted ready to change x


    Write something in the message box
    High light it
    Click the hyperlink button then type in your link

    Original Poster


    Yey i got it




    you got it! :thumbsup: x



    isn't my way easier? Less chance of messing up the code


    When you add a url you click & paste it in box that opens.

    Before you click that button highlight the word you want to be the link with your mouse then click the button. Should work, have a go

    write > My name is X_vampiress_X

    Highlight > X_vampiress_X

    Click & paste your link in

    eg >> My name is ]X_vampiress_X

    EDIT : Took me 3 minutes to write that - I'm way too slow :giggle:. Pleased you can do it now. Same method for linking to a picture. Just hightlight the [img] boxes instead :thumbsup:

    Blah Blah ]Blah!

    jus practising
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