I know I've been a bit ropey but Do i still need sleep or what?

    Am i going nuts or was there a post from Acecatcher about his holiday a minute ago.?

    Somebody reassure me please cos otherwise i'm gonna hit the bottle or summit!

    They're coming to take me away ha ha......


    Yeah, where's that gone?

    Yeah there definately was as i posted in it

    i think it gets spammed, i made a thread sayin im back from suspension and it got spammed

    Original Poster

    thank nuts fo that, thought it was me losing it.

    Wasn't 'cos I said he might be #1 at the top...was it??


    i sed he was the top 1 too lol
    it was def there i jus this sec posted on it but it was spammed

    LOOK! It's back! It's been unspammed!

    for those of u who missed it, my threads are spammed constantly, must b one of the most hated members on this site, ppl dont bother commenting and instead click spam...o well

    Is that like how many mice does it take to screw in a lightbulb???

    1. the saint
    2. t0mm
    3. robotochan

    I'm going for no#1 'cos he's got the most underarm hair!



    how many people does it take to spam a thread ? ? (its not a joke...a … how many people does it take to spam a thread ? ? (its not a joke...a geniune question!!)

    2 I think with full power

    2, but how the hell they got there.....we'll never know!

    where has the ginger thread gone?
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