I looking for a new computer

    Hi guys i am looking at a new desktop computer and was passing pc world they said this was on offer.I am looking for a computer i am not a serious computer games player as i already got a 360 and a ps3 but want a good machine .So i am looking for a machine that will last at least 3-5 years.Ok heres the main specs
    Packard Bell iXtreme X6719uk

    Intel Core 2 Quad 8300(2.50GHZ 4MB cache
    4gb memory
    640gb hard drive
    1GBNVIDIA GeforceGT220 graphics card
    Dvd Rewriter

    No monitor included
    Iam not to bothered getting a blue ray drive as prefer to watch movies etc on my tv
    Ok so the price is 529.99 pounds
    This offer is instore ie no quidco etc i am more interested in what you think of the machine card etc or if there are any other outstanding offers not interested in anything from mesh ebuyer rather from currys pcworld john lewis
    Any useful contributions welcomed thank you for reading this


    If you can I would build one as this is expensive for what you get

    Stay away from PC World, lol..
    tbh I would just build a machine yourself, that way you can customize it to whatever your needs are, plus you wont have all that crappy software shops like to pre-install, which takes you hours to un-install.

    you could build that for 50-80 less than PC world price.

    if you could find quidco, or some voucher/deal then stay away from PCW. :thumbsup:


    Could get a Mac Mini. Small, energy efficient, will easily last the time you want it to and it wont (well shouldn't) break. Get the Apple student discount if you can and get AppleCare and you'll be sorted for 3 years, will cost less than £500.

    Only thing is there are rumours that a new one is coming out by the end of October.
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