I love Costco

    Just feel a need to share this...

    Bought a tv/vcr and dvd package from Costco on a deal when we first moved into our house 15 or so months ago.

    Just before Christmas, the vcr decided to die. :x I tried taking it to the repairer(who told me the heads had gone - probably thanks to two kids watching charity shop teletubbies videos!) and then just left it in the boot of the car, meaning to chuck the thing in the bin.

    Anyway - last week, I was looking at the MSE forum, and there was a discussion about how great the Customer Service at Costco was. So I thought...nothing ventured nothing gained...and went meekly off to Costco to enquire if they could help me in any way.
    The guy was terribly apologetic - sadly they don't sell those vcrs any more. And he couldn't refund it because it was part of a package. All he could say was that if I brought the whole lot back, he could refund me the whole package. :shock: :shock: :shock: I couldn't believe it - well-used fifteen month old telly, dvd and broken vcr - full refund, no questions. I nearly bit his hand off. I could go and buy the same telly again for almost half the price - but the Freemans 32" LCD was a bit too tempting. I just wish Freemans Customer Service could be half as good as Costco

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    Nice to hear some good-news stories for a change :). I've had good experiences with Costco too, but sadly there isn't one near where I have moved to.
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