I love the fact people moan about the posts on here...

    Modern Warfare 2

    But nothing about the amount of Girls Clothes!!!

    Every week literally hundreds..

    Or is it just me whos noticed it?!


    i know - but am not in the fs/ft much so doesnt bother me.............

    The thing is they take the time to open the thread and write a reply, if the threads bother them that much why dont they just ignore them???

    lol great point!

    Yes disgraceful...................if they are going to advertise underwear they should be modeling it!:whistling:

    Well its locked now!

    well i felt a bit left out - so i' ve put something up f/s
    bust sorting girlies wardrobe out :-D - not

    yup...and kidsies clothes too:thumbsup:

    I hate threads like this!

    what girls clothes?
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