I LOVE Tv series, just ending ...

    dexter... what to start next...

    I have watched:
    six feet under
    prison break
    erm... probs more.... suggest folks please!!

    much love, Addy



    The Shield
    Band of Brothers
    Rescue Me

    Original Poster

    not a fan of any of them... except band of bros of course

    lie to me
    battle star galactica

    heroes (atleast the first series)

    The Wire

    sarah connor chronicles

    Boston Legal (4 series)

    Lie to Me
    The Mentalist

    Sarah connor chroniceles is good.

    ive started to watch lie to me , and theirs heroes and 24 , and prison break for me.

    24 what will I do without my monday evening does of Jack Bauer?

    Greys anatomy - thats what i'm gonna start watching anyway - that and my complete cold feet series boxset that i got from hmv for £10.99!


    24 is ok for the first few seasons, before it becomes repetitive and Bill O'Reilly's wet dream.

    Battlestar Galactica is one of the finest tv shows ever.

    Grey's Anatomy is perfect if you find Heartbeat a bit too edgy.

    West Wing if you've never seen it, even if you have it's still brilliant.

    House is good so long as you ignore that every episode is pretty much the same.


    How I Met Your Mother :thumbsup:

    sarah connor chronicles has ended for good, which is a shame as it only saw 2 seasons and the last episode of season 2 could have led to promising things for a season 3.

    Try My name is earl, entourage and fringe.

    oh and The Office an American workplace, season 5 is nearly finished and they have signed up for 2 more so plenty to watch there.

    ideal great program

    My Name Is Earl
    That 70's Show

    My name is earl!!!!

    Also Dollhouse is meant to be very very good, i think im gonna start watching that next


    24 - but stop watching around season 4-5, it's crap after that

    The Wire - easily one of the greatest television shows ever produced. Ever.

    Battlestar Galactica - I HATE sci-fi but this is one of my favourite TV shows. Simply stunning.

    The Sopranos - Beautiful.

    The West Wing - In my opinion, nothing, absolutely NOTHING, has ever been shown on TV that is as good as this show. It is a 7 season masterpiece of writing and acting. It is the benchmark by which I measure all TV shows. The absolute best.
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