Found 17th Jul 2007
Dont want to point fingers but I bought somethiing from someone on here 3 weeks ago, after they took payment they never got back to me apart from once.

Then last week they wanted to sell something else, which I wanted.

Now the original item was around £25 and I asked if they could take this off the price of the other item, and they said to just waiit until they make a RM claim.

I paid on Friday and since then have not heard back from them again, not responding to emails or pm's



don't forget alot of people take holidays around this time of year, they could be away?

Did you get Name, address, Telephone number?, Check Ebay feedback (if they had any), Did you pay by Paypal?

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Well they replied right away each time I said I wanted the new item, and it wasnt until I paid each time they vanished, then didnt come on for over a week, I even said I needed item soon and to keep me informed as I was still worried because of last time and they havent even done that.


Iom-RF your so much more useful than me

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Never got name address or number, did pay by PP credit card first time debit second.

It may be ok, just worried as the items were rare.


did you pay by paypal?

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Yep by credit card

There was 3 things marked as sold, Was it only you who bought from him/her?

Thats odd he/she has posted his/her paypal email in the thread! (Still there as an active link.)

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No 2 others got their things ok which is why Im not accusing them of anything, was just worried as they take over a week each time to respond to emails and dont seem bothered but each time I ask about buying something from them they respond immeadiatly.

I was just worried as my things were rare and the others werent and so far the seller has about £70 of my cash and I have no items!

I'm inclined to say Sam is genuine if 2 others got their stuff ok, But 3 weeks without contact is unacceptable.

Have you tried sending messages by PM and that email address?

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Well he has emailed me once about the game, gave me tracking number which nothing comes up for it, and a couple of times when I wanted to buy speakers but since I paid he hasnt got back nor mentioned about games, he told me in last email I would have to wait until he made a RM claim to get my cash back which I didnt like but let go.

Just a bit upset he hasnt updated me on the cash, as he accepted payment but never emailed to say he did or when item will be sent as I dont want to wait in house as Id have to take a day off college to do so.

it doesnt work like that

he refunds u immediatly and he should sort out the royal mail claim

not make u wait



Never got name address or number.

There's the problem again. I'm sorry that things have got to this stage but the guidelines on the For Sale or Trade MUST be followed for this very reason. :-(

In regards to the tracking number m8... if its DHL like what we used when i sent you the pc tower, i can not and never did get it to work no matter what i inputted. I think the only way is to telephone them... so may be worth a call to verify.


Never got name address or number...

Whyever not!

I had a problem with a transaction on here. A swap deal with 2 360 games. My game got there okay but his one didnt get to me. The other guy has stayed in constant contact with me and kept me informed all the way. He even told me im going on holiday on these dates etc and im quite happy with how things are going.

Something is wrong if he hasnt contacted you after 14 days if it was sent via recorded delivery. I contacted the buyer like 5 days after and he started the claims process rolling

Tbh I think you only have yourself to blame... £70 worth and you didn't get any details? They mess up once, won't refund you straight away, and yet you STILL go back to buy MORE? Glutton for punishment or what?!
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