I missed a bargain and its really annoying me!

    I had a leaflet through today from JTF wholesale and my post all goes on the farm next door and so i never receieved it until tonight. I saw it had a Grundig 19" LCD tv on the from at £99.98 +VAT. The tv itself looked like a modern shiny surround not like some.
    Yes you guessed it i rang and they had gone like hot cakes
    So im really annoyed now cos ive been looking at prices and posts for one on here a good few months now and havent seen one.
    boo hoo


    but you saved yourself £115

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    i know, maybe a good thing as i cant stop spending at the moment next venture is a laptop!

    Grundig is not the quality brand of old, it is now owned by one of the cheaper manufacturers.

    you know if youd seen the leaflet ,youd have trailed all the way there and they would have had none left...or if you had got one it would have been broken and youd have had to trail all the way back with it for a have saved yourself a huge trail....x

    There's alway's a good reason you didn't get something you wanted! most probably because it was rubbish anyway! you have to look at it like that! make's you feel better

    My Nana's 32 inch LCD Grundig tv hasn't lasted the distance - problem with the screen on one side - had to go out and buy a Sony 40V4000 - count yourself lucky, it might have appeared a bargain BUT.......

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    Thanks i feel much better. If anyone has seen any good deals for 19" lcd's let me know
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