I missed the results of tonights strictly, any other channel show it?

    or online anywhere?
    its normally on sundays grr


    Sorry I don't know.

    If you want to know what happened look at this thread;…th/
    and don't if you don't!!

    they are all through
    and wots his face from holby cried!

    Probaby be repeated tomorrow

    Don't say that aquatic !!

    bbc iplayer maybe

    Yeah, they all got through to final next week - shame, I was hoping Lisa and Brendan would go

    Original Poster

    oh right, thanks, might try bbci player to see if there showing it, i bet thats cos john sergeant left a few weeks ago

    wot was the thing with the phone lines was all a bit suss to me think they must of had a big problem some where
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