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    Yes, boys and girls, it’s a day I’ve been waiting for, a day when I can share the full trailer for upcoming French action-comedy JCVD. If you’re a regular reader of the site you’re already up to speed on this one, if not, here’s the skinny. JCVD is the upcoming feature starring real life washed out action movie star Jean Claude Van Damme as real life washed out action movie star Jean Claude Van Damme. He’s shooting a film and his life is falling apart. Van Damme’s real life substance abuse problems? In there. His child custody battle? In there? His brush with bankruptcy? In there. It’s a hysterically funny **** take on Van Damme’s own life - with the Belgian star as a more than willing participant - and a send up of celebrity in general and it just may be the film that puts him back on top of the heap. It looks very smart, very funny, impeccably well made and all signs are that Van Damme should have started working in his native language and unleashed his sense of humor a long, long time ago. This one could be something special.

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    Available 4th Dec at with english subtitles.
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