I need 3G antenna to mobile broadband on "3"

My friend bought mobile broadband from "3". unfortunately she is in place with poor reception. I want to help her and I need to find some good, but not expensive antenna to increase signal. The usb modem is huawei e160. she want to spend about 20 quid, but if is not enough for good antenna she can go up to 40 quid. I try to find some, but is not so easy because of different sockets on the market. If someone bought it for the same reason, please tell me, where I can find it.


Does the e160 actually have an antenna socket? I didn't think it had.

On the forums, I read that some people have added antennas by opening up the dongle and soldering onto the board and that there are other methods of boosting the signal by strapping an antenna onto the side of the dongle, which appears to boost the signal without actually being wired to the device.

Which type of thing are you after?

or try getting a long USB extension cable (ebuyer probably one of the cheapest for this) and putting the dongle wherever the reception is best (e.g near a window, as high as possible).
Good luck.
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