I need a 19" widescreen or bigger flat panel monitor, with DVI connection - Must be less than £110 and be good quality!

    I need a new monitor to go with my new PC.
    Must be a 19" widescreen or larger with DVI connection, also with good quality.
    All for less that £110



    That will be easy. Lots in eBuyer:…354
    well not all DVI but a there a few
    Cheapest i think is the £90 Fujitsu…078

    Hyundai H94W 19" TFT Monitor 1440x900 300cd/m2 800:1 5ms VGA/DVI Black:…182
    for £92

    LG W1942T 19" LCD Monitor 1440x900 300cd/m2 8000:1 5ms VGA/DVI-D Silver 3 Years Onsite Warranty…011
    for £104.03

    Samsung SM920BM TFT Monitor 19" 1280x1024 1000:1 300cd/m2 5ms VGA/DVI 4:3 Silver 3 Years Onsite Warranty…555
    for £109.12

    LG L1942S 19" LCD Monitor 1280X1024 300cd/m2 8000:1 5ms DVI-D Silver 3 years warranty…497
    for £110.35

    Thats a few. Sorry can't tell you about quality because I dont own any 19" monitor, just take a look around the internet for reviews.

    I'd recommend the Viewsonic 19" wide monitor from Lambdatek here -…=go

    See also generally very good review at…3D1

    It comes to £108.99 including delivery and there's 4 left.

    Original Poster

    Thanks guys, will order one of the above when i get home.

    if you are wanting this for gaming ide get a 22" better native res. or a 20" with 1680x1080

    if not get ]http//ww…011 like previously posted
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