I need a basic summary of the film Great Expectations- Charles Dickens

    Can someone link me to a very basic sumary of the story?
    Thanks for helping, Joe


    Has someone not done their homework?


    Based on Charles Dickens' timeless tale, this is a story of the love of a man for an unreachable woman. Updated to modern day New York City, the story concerns a man of modest background who falls in love with a rich girl. But when a mysterious benefactor greenlights the man to make his dreams come true, everything done has the ultimate goal of making Estella fall in love with him... Written by Steve Richer {[email protected]}

    An American update of the Dickens novel set on Florida's Gulf Coast and in the 1980's SoHo art world. Character's names have been changed from the source novel. Written by Keath Graham {[email protected]}



    Has someone not done their homework?


    thinkking the same thing

    Look on Wikipedia mate :thumbsup:

    or, there's always IMDB
    I'm assuming, if it's for school, you'll be after the 1946 David Lean Film?

    Cos you can't be bothered to read it all?

    typical Numptyj response...

    [SIZE="7"]THEY ALL DIE!!!!!![/SIZE]



    typical Numptyj response...[SIZE=7]THEY ALL DIE!!!!!![/SIZE]

    They went on a stag do and one of them got bummed....

    Oh sorry different story!

    Download copy of e-book and get reading......…400

    great read.......poor boy helps con, then rich b*tch who snubs, con helps poor boy get up the ladder with his b*tch appears to then cave in when poor boy becomes loaded
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