I need a car bike rack for 4 bikes - help!

Found 7th Jul 2009
Please does anyone know where I can buy a decent car bike rack that will hold two adult and two childrens bikes?

We have a three bike one but our lad's new bike is too big for the boot.

We've got an estate car with a tow bar but the racks seem to cost a small fortune - more than all our bikes combined!

We are doing a charity cycle ride and need to transport them all at once.

Any help appreciated.




Have you already got the rear light plate?

You asked for decent but I think this one is decent!

edit: actually ]here for £89.99 free P&P

]Thule £110

Original Poster

That looks very decent to me! Not a bad price either.

I wondered whether the lower ones that fit directly over the tow ball might be more stable?

There is also this Tradekar 4 bike one for £180

Or you could get a Pendle bike rack which gets good reviews
ww.pendle- bike co uk/shopping/Wheel-Support-Ball-Mounting-4-Bike-Rack.php
(delete the spaces after link won't work other wise )

You can get this for around £210

Boils down to whether you want one to hang your bikes or ones that you bikes sit on. If you have a ladies bike you might need to get an adaptor bar (to fit to the bike) for the hanging ones

Original Poster

Thanks gari, might have a ride over to pendle cycles and have a look.
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