I need a cheap PC

    Looking for a powerful but cheap Laptop or PC for under £250. Any suggestions?




    Yeah, post in the right section.

    why not just help?

    op - try dell or buy a second hand one. i dont know what WPF is though... elaborate?

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    I need a PC or Laptop to learn some programming languages with .net as there simply aren't any jobs with training around at the moment.

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    I don't have too much option on jobs as I have a Computer Science degree and cannot find any job at the moment so am looking at learning some computer languages as my only best career option and by the way I am completely new to .net and am unfamiliar with all it's concepts amd terminologies.


    These are fairly low spec computer but for just programming on them they will be perfect.…438

    This one is £30 over budget but it is alot better -…592
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