I need a cheap washing machine ASAP!

Hi everyone, our aging washing machine decided to throw a fit last night and stop us from opening the door (catch broke) So after having to pull the washing machine to bits to get the clothes out, I'm going to need a new one pretty fast.

Are there any deals at the moment for half-decent washing machines for around £200 that include delivery and fitting? My Wife said we need one with just a cold water feed on it as well (Whatever that is.......)

Many thanks in advance : )


where are you based? i bought the bosch deal now expired £250 but it didnt track with quidco so bought it again with topcash back. It will arrive saturday if you want it st helens merseyside full warranty 2 years etc. I am cancelling it today if no takers!

I have this one and it has served me well -- takes ages to do a wash cycle but apart from that have had no problems and its free delivery and cashback from quidco

coop electracals are cheap and deliver quick (online shop)

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Cheers for the replies : )

How come everywhere wants so much money for delivery etc?
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