I need a cheap Xbox 360 remote

    I have been looking at getting a remote control for the Xbox 360 in order to play DVDs with out having to switch the controller on and off. On ebay they have loads going for around £5 but I fear these may be shoddy quality and not work properly. The cheapest I can find the official one is around £15. Can anyone point me to a good reliable remote? I want to pay by paypal as I have money to burn in my account so if you have bought a decent one from ebay please show me which one it is.



    I got the official universal remote - the large one. I bought one separately when I originally got my 360, I got one free with the HD-DVD drive too. Your welcome to mine for £10 posted to you 1st class, it's unpackaged but mint and unused since purchase. PM if your interested. My ebay id is Hill1167.

    I have got one here, was hoping to trade but may sell if you want…r-a

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    robtallica: will take that of you for £8, thats all I have left in my paypal.
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