I NEED a Christmas WallE poster!!! Can anyone help?

    My hubby took our six year old into town after school today. As they were walking around they saw the poster for the Christmas release of the WallE DVD. I don't know if you have seen it, it's just WallE wearing a santa hat with a few decorations on him.
    Anyway, my usually hyper little man told his Dad he'd be realy good and not complain or run or pull or do anything naughty (which is a lot to ask from a little boy who's just finished the school day, a month before Christmas) if only Daddy would PLEEEEEEASE let him look at the WallE poster for a while longer. When hubby asked how long, David asked, in a very small, hopeful voice, for five more......seconds. How could anyone resist?
    So now we're desperately trying to find one of these posters because it would just make his Christmas.
    Can anyone help here? PLEASE? I've tried ebay and there's nothing.


    Nick one out of the advertisment things, when it's dark nobodys about etc lol..

    il smash one out at my bus shelter for £20


    Yes i have seen this poster, it is very cute. Try Disney, if they dont have it ask them if you could have that poster after they have finsihed displaying it

    Was it in a shop? It may be worth writing to them and telling them the story if so. Most posters like that only end up getting binned. You might not manage to get it for Christmas - it'll all depend on when there promotions change.

    Same as if it was one of the bus posters I guess. Could be worth calling/writing to the council


    Ah bless you tiger!!!
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