I need a good, informative photography book!

    Ok so im taking up photography, i have a faily good camera and i know the basics like how to take a picture in various conditions but id like a book/manual that can give you in depth knowledge of all the special functions and details needed. Stuff like ISO speeds, how to take sunsets and aout exposure, the more technical the better really!

    Any photographers out there that can help!

    Thanks in advance!

    Merry Christmas! (is it too soon yet!) :-)


    I am a qualified phographer have been for many years, My "bible" was the Ilford Manual of Photography

    That book is apparently very informative, my advice also is taking as many pictures as you possibility can and analysing them.

    Original Poster

    Great advice people! Ive never even heard of that book before so that goes on to the xmas list!

    Many thanks

    Rep added!
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