I need a good reliable hard drive to back up iMac, advice please!

Found 17th Apr 2018
Hi all, I need to get myself a backup drive for my iMac which has data on it from work, personally produced music, and all family pics and vids.

Can anyone recommend a nice reliable 2 or 3TB external hard drive for me to use with mac’s Time Machine please, I am hoping for quite near the £50 mark if at all possible please.

Thank you so much for any help you can offer!
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TM works when to works and DOES NOT TELL YOU when it doesn't work. Apple do some things well but not data backups. I learnt that the very hard way with 100gb of pics. Took a long time to reconstruct the library from scratch.

TM also doesn't like large amounts of data and slower CPU machines - 200gb of pics + 350gb of music tracks + video

You will always have to use TM to recover data, even if Apple make it chargeable

Western Digital do an excellent range of drives you can copy/export to. Suggest you buy at least 2 so you always have one backup intact. It is common practise to use at lest 3.
Thanks ccnp. Can I also ask should I be looking at a portable hard drive or a standard hard drive? Is one more reliable than the other?

many thanks
The other thing to do is pay the extra and have it stored on iCloud as well. I have a 2TB Seagate acting as my time machine, but all my pictures and documents are stored in the cloud as well.
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