i need a good website developer whos cheap

    im fuming! the guy we employ to do our website hasnt done what we asked him to went live today!.
    it looks like a child has thown it together. :x :x
    i need someone who is able to amend the site we have as we'd like to keep it, i can do all the listing,photos, imaging,pricing ETC just need the home page,1st page changed. the guy who was supposed to do this is away and im at a loss as to what to do:-(

    if we can find someone who is honest, cheap and can do as directed then we might be hiring them.
    any ideas guys???


    I know a guy who works for a graphic design company in London but is always on the lookout for freelance work. Can put you in touch with him if you would like? He is a friend from school and has done lots of freelance for different companies before so will have reliable references.

    PM sent!

    depending on the amount of work, I would do it, but It really depends on what you need done, i'm really busy with projects at the moment

    What does need doing? 'developing' is a very ambiguous term...does it need re designing? does it need re coding? does it need some scripting fixed etc?

    got a link to the website for us to have a butchers at?
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