I need a lawnmower

    I need a lawnmower that doesn't cost more than £100 but that can cope with my huge gardens. I'm moving house during the summer so that's why I don't want to spend a fortune - no point, I'm moving somewhere with a paved front and back, ahhh bliss!


    Do what I do..

    Get the wife to cut it for free..:thumbsup:

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    Yeah, i am the wife.....

    You could always get someone to come round and cut it for you if you only need the lawn mowed for a few months. Otherwise, head to your local garden machinery store, we needed a new decent (Mountfield are one of the best brands) lawnmower and they sold us the ex-demo model (never touched a blade of grass) with £50 off the RRP as it was last year's model. B&Q might be worth a look but don't forget your local garden machinery store, they can have some great deals.

    Also if you have a huge garden, you need to think whether you need to get an electric or petrol mower, if it's 'huge' you'll have to get the more expensive petrol ones, and also self propelled ones will make it a lot easier and quicker. Also think about the size of the grass bag, for large gardens it's a right pain to have to empty the small bags every 5 minutes!

    If I was you I'd take the lazy, easier, and possibly less expensive option of getting someone round to do it for you.


    Yeah, i am the wife.....

    OOps Sorry!oops:

    Get him to do it then...::whistling:

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    It's £45 a cut for my gardens, I had it priced last year when I noticed a pensioner getting hers done, I thought if she could afford it so could I - how wrong!!!!

    I'll go look around some local shops tomorrow, thanks

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    it will search ebay in your local area, i'm sure lawn mowers were quite common on the results. just type your postcode and put 10miles....should be something cheap that will do the job.

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    Bah, nothing near me at all

    Have you got a decent sized car? I would borrow one from a friend or relative. Seems like a you will have to spend a decent amount if you have lots of lawn and then you will have the hassle of selling it when you move.

    If not, are there any places near you that hire them out? You could look into that.

    Try your local freecycle - post a wanted ad and advise you will re-freecycle before you move? Or even gumtree? I actually got a guy for my garden off business services on gumtree...only charges £75 a day and thats to cover his petrol costs (50 mile round trip), him bringing his own equipment and him disposing of all garden waste...and if someone has a decent mower with collection facility then shouldnt take too long - mine is quite big and it was the raking up after that too ages cos it had been left to grow too long due to me working all week and spending evenings and weekends with my toddlers (Single mum!) so now I have to go back and give it another cut to get it back down to normal as some grass bent over etc....A end of day cutting grass isnt rocket science and you can do rest of stuff - edgings etc, yourself. Maybe advertise in local paper asking for someone to cut your grass....?
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