Posted 30th Nov 2022
OLD Fashioned - ie just a basic spring based type that CAN NOT be folded. I don't want anything special, Just a basic double sized mattress via a online retailer.

Please help, because I can't find any online for a reasonable price.
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    What's the significance of "cannot be folded"? What does it mean it if can be folded? Don't a lot of mattresses come rolled up these days? Asking because I will want a new one soon, too.
    I'm over the age of 40 - (almost) every bed i've ever slept has been a proper spring based bed. if the matress can be folded then it isn't a proper bed.
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    Last time I bought anything from Argos was a supposedly new Vacuum cleaner in one of their sales. It was reduced in price due to damaged packaging. I took it home in good faith, then opened it. The "new" thing was far from new! It was covered in greasy fingerprints and had remnants of what smelled like curry powder in the cylinder.

    I haven't been back to argos since!
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    Sometimes B&M and Home Bargains have mattresses in their bigger stores. (edited)
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    To fit your limited criteria, without knowing budget or firmness etc.

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    I recently bought a new mattress, After endless searching I bought this one. Not sure if its above your budget, but its so comfy I can really recommend it. Check the reviews for info.…tml
    Hope it Helps
    Did it arrive whole, or rolled up in a box?
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    Dunlem also have very good collection of mattresses. Its slightly over priced but atleast you have piece of mind
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    Premier inn? we'll have to halves on that!
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    Just ordered a new one at Costco as they have 20% off.
    A silent night Bexley, it’s a hard mattress just like I like.
    Would cost £175 delivered, that includes a £15 fee if not a member.
    The warranty is good as just made a claim.
    The bed set is 4y 11 months old and spring went and damaged the base.
    I man came to look, said it was a manufacturer fault.
    Return and refund started next day.
    So 5 years later the new bed is costing £20 extra.…asc
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    For the record - the bed i'm currently sleeping in/on was purchased almost 15 years ago. The entire bed cost £130! That was the standard price back then. The Divan base is still completely functional, it's the Matress that is completely knackered.

    I wake up each morning feeling like I've spent the night sleeping on Chesil Beach!

    Either back ache, or Rib ache depending on how I slept.

    Maybe it's not possible to purchase beds online for a reasonable price?

    Ho-hum - Maybe it's time to get on the number 11 Bus, and go back to the shop in Cape Hill that I bought my current bed from? (edited)
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