I need a new contract! Help?

My contract comes up in just over a month and i thought it best to get my things in order and start looking for a new contract. Im currently on 3 with a deal of 1000 texts, 300 minutes, £5 free downloads, 50 mms, 50 video minutes and a free phone for £35 a month (6 months half price)

Im looking for a contract with a good phone (Possibly the Sony Eric. C905) and around 600 minutes, 1000+ texts (The more the merryer) and anything else is a bonus. Its just theres so mny websites and im not exactly sure how legit they are so if anybody knows any good deals i'd love to know. Thanks alot!

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orange direct are doing some good deals. you get free broadband with the mobile packages. not sure what phones you get though. you usually get unlimited tex messages with the packages too. good luck.
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