i need a new job

    HI there anyone in the wigan area know of any jobs going at there place,im a hard worker and i have many forklift liciences
    bendi,multiway reach,reach trck,counter balance
    i have worked in warehousr for 10 years and i hate my job or should i say i like my job but my manger is a ****
    willing to do days or nights,i have a car driving licence too so transport not an issue.

    anything considered,


    building and selling pc systems,gaming,
    im 27 male too


    not really the type of forum for this


    not really the type of forum for this

    No, but he certainly has the right attitude so lets hope something suitable turns up soon.

    Good luck :thumbsup: .................................& always remember from now on every time you look at your manager that he is wearing Pink frilly knickers ;-)


    sort it out with the manager - at the end of the day its your livelihood -
    your going to lose your cool and walk out - DONT

    you say your boss is a ++++ - in what way - you have been in job for over 2 years - if he is that bad - do him - start a grievance against him - or see hr to try and sort it out - or man to man - and get it off your chest

    were heading for a recession - jobs are going to go - good luck:thumbsup:

    Original Poster

    all was well until i decided to go for the position of supervisor and i was prefered over an older guy,but since then the older guy has been telling tales about me slagging the boss off and the annoying thing is the boss belives him,
    basically 3 days a week i drive the flt at work on my own and do all the work but get as much done as the 4 drivers on the other shift,but i do it on my own,i know its just a grassin dick that trying to ruin it for me but im ready to blow lol,so i need to get out,i dont want to work somewhere thats belives rumor

    Can I just say god luck to you, it is nice to hear from someone who wants to work

    all manager suck, i have 3 and i hate them all
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