I need a new mobile

    I have just cracked the LCD screen on my Samsung D900, anyone know of any good non-contract mobile phone deals. I have seen the Sony Ericsson ones on the deals forum but wondered if there are any others about.

    Alternatively anyone know where I can get the screen replaced cheap?


    I guess it really depends on what you want from a phone. Does it have to be functional or fashion?
    Specific network or unlocked?
    Proffered brands?

    Things like that all help

    I've however taken a chance on the new 3 Skypephone on Pay as you go, at £50 I though it was worth a try and (not trying to pimp here) I've even started a blog about it so when I receive it I can help inform others as to whether its good or ****.

    ages ago i used ti crack all my nokia screen like once a week, i used ti get them fixed for about 30 from sumwher eonline, lol but i canna mine where all hey a look
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