I need a new mobile contract...

    Hey guys! help! please

    My contract with Orange has finished, and so I need a new contract. I've been with Orange either contract or pay as you go for the last 10 years and always been happy with them. However they won't give me the phone I want for my upgrade without paying a lot of money so I'm not too happy about that. I really want a N95 or N96 or an iPhone with O2. Orange wanted me to pay £120 for the N95 for my upgrade...

    Was just wondering if anyone knew of any good contract deals out there for either the N95, N96 or the iPhone...

    Quite happy to jump ship from Orange since they can offer fantastic phones to NEW customers for free whereas someone that's been with them a decade's got to pay quite a lot for the same phone...

    Only interested in these phones - N95, N96 or iPhone - as I've tried and tested out friends ones and like them.

    Thanks in advance!
    Louise the clueless one

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