I need a new mobile phone. Any suggestions?

    My current phone is past it's prime and I'm looking for a new one. Currently on a Three contract. I love the iPhone but I'm not sure if it can be unlocked to Three and I'm not sure where is the cheapest place to get one.

    Any help and suggestions are greatly appreachiated!


    Try ebay for the Iphone I recently purchased brand new sealed 32gb Iphone 3gs for £460.00 inc p.p then signed up with 02 simplicity £15.00 month for 300 mins, unlimited internet and unlimited texts. 12mth contract with Quidco!
    O2 will unlock phone for free, takes 14 days.

    Id recommend the Nokia X6.....I bought a new sealed one off ebay recently for £210 and stuck my existing T Mobile sim in it. Also comes with inclusive GPS now if you drive.

    As three sell this handset you might be able to get a decent deal off them as an existing customer by quoting the £10 a month deal that o2 do on the X6, Indeed ive seen a few people on here say they bought the o2 contract to get the handset for a decent overall price 24 x £10 a month

    The fake version in most stores does the phone no justice at all. I saw a live version of the phone in an o2 store but convinced me to go for it after a play around with it in the shop.

    HTC phones are pretty good at the moment. Hero has been out for a while, Desire and Legend to be released shortly I believe...

    Three will sometimes offer an Iphone on renewal.
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