I need a new phone, would like a Nokia, might consider something else

    One of my two mobiles is on the way out and I want a replacement. I seem to prefer Nokias but am open to suggestions.

    Decent battery life is important. Looked at those mid range Tocco Lite things and similar and I think the screen will last 10 minutes then you'll have nothing of a phone so probably prefer proper buttons and not a touchscreen.

    I use it for talking and some text. Everything else is incidental though sometimes useful.

    Price ? Not more than £100 for sure and probably nearer half that.

    Chuck some ideas at me and we'll see what sticks.

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    this is a sony ericsson but i switched from nokia to these a few years back and apart from the space being on a different key when texting, they are very similar and easy to navigate, battery life is good. Great little phone for the price.

    i have a nokia n95 8gb looking for £120

    I've just upgraded my contract and will get an N86 on Monday from Orange. I wasn't going to use it as I'm happy with the N95 i'm using. Are you interested?

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    Sorry but just cannot bring myself to go for second hand. Not snobbery (though maybe a bit I admit) but just issues with future problems and not since university have I had to concern myself with prices on almost anything and buying second hand is still a step too far in some areas.

    Thanks for the offers though. Perhaps "new" second hand would be ok
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