I need a new PVR

Found 14th Jan 2009
I have just had to take my old hitachi pvr back to argos, as it just decided it was going to have a mind of its own! Argos have given me a 69.99 voucher, the only Pvr they have available is another hitachi. Apparentkly none available to be had anywhere! I know has bigger GB, and is a newer model. My old one was very noisy, and it was based in my bedroom, and did actually wake me up on the odd occasion!
Anyone got this hitachi?

It is on order for me to collect tomorrow.

Or is it worth holding on for the new catalogue..... I really dont want to be pulling out any more money!
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I realise you don't want to pay more, but at the end of the day you get what you pay for...I suggest you pay more and go for this instead.
Thanks for the rep, bumping it up and hoping you get more replies.

I found a deal here that might interest you

Id still recommend the Humax, becuase i've got one and its great :-D
Thre are some models to just avoid, adn others that are excellent.
One model 3 members of my family got was an Inverto IDL7000m
Very easy to use, twin tuner (record two programs adn watch a recoding from the HDD at the same time).
Looks snazzy, see ]HERE
If you cannot source one, I could sell you one of mine (I have 2) as I now have Virgin Media V+ in the lounge and it is sitting there doing nothing!
If interested, come back to me with a reasonable offer (it has a 250Gb HDD by the way)
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