I Need A New Quick Digital Camera, DVD Player and Cheap LCD TV

    Hi all,

    My current digital camera takes an age to take a photo once pressing the button and throws out a scary amount of red light when taking a picture with the flash. It is a old 3.2 Sony Cybershot.

    I have a one year old daughter and need a compact camera with a good lcd dispplay which takes a good photo and takes it quickly after pressing the button and likewise with the flash. Also needs to take steady shots and not un-focused shots which my Sony does.

    Budget up to about £150.

    My DVD player has packed up and i need a new one. Needs to have a HDMI connection, able to upscale, and be multi region (or have a code to do so) I have been looking at the Samsung DVDHD870 and the Philips DVP5980.

    After a fairly cheap one so any suggestions would be great.

    Also after a LCD TV for the bedroom. After a a cheap one and about 17 - 22". Freeview would be a good added bonus (I have a Freeview recorder).

    Thank you for any help or suggestions.

    Happy new year.


    samsung 5mp for £65, brilliant check in argos as well they may have a sale on as well got alba standard dvd player plays dvds happy to offer £15-20

    Any see any Pentax deals?? Last year we got a Pentax Optio 7MP for £99 from here
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