i need a power cable for my umc tv 15" .....

    S 15/4 NG thats the serial number of the tv
    i cant find one ANYWHERE!
    any help rep will be given!


    Maplins might have something suitable...may do them suitable for use in the livingroom, but not bedroom though lol (joking)

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    I take it there is a plug in type input in the back of the tv? ...Im sure Maplins would let you take the TV in to match you with something suitable actually

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    its like a plug in adapter for eg psp type

    this sort of thing...

    There should be a power sticker on the back of the tv, possibly near to the serial/model should get a better idea of what type of adapter you need then

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    Dc12 .....4a

    they'd deffo have something ...Id still take it along with you though

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    thanks very much rep given
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