I need a road/hybrid bike. Any help?

    Hi guys. Shot in the dark really, not sure if the right place....

    My car blew up and I am unfortunately unable to get a new one as I cant afford it sadly.

    I have decided I will need to cycle to work ( roughly 20 mile round trip ) and have about £200/250 to spend on a bike.

    Anyone has any suggestions as I am really quite clueless when it comes to this



    My tip is look for old models ie 2007 or 2006 in your local bike shop - you can get a much better deal that way eg £399 bike for around £200. Try Chain Reaction or Wiggle, but the bargains go quickly on these sites. Evans is another. Or dare i say it Halfords.

    Best bet is a rigid frame, but ok with front suspension - avoid full suspension at this price - too heavy for 20 miles. TREK are a good make at this price point

    By the way 20 miles round trip means you need decent lights (probably £25 for a pair) and waterproofs (cheap jacket say £30) Make sure your Jacket has some sort of Reflectalite material.

    Oh and it your not used to cycling that distance - you will ache for a few days, especially your backside :w00t:

    Good luck!

    Original Poster

    You have been a great help, thank you. Would you say its best to go for a hybrid bike as opposed to a road bike?

    I agree with what garibaldi said.

    The road/hybrid choice will depend mostly on what sort of roads you will be using and what you find comfortable. It is definatly worth going to a bike shop (maybe not Halfrauds if you can avoid it) and trying a few for size. If I hadn't tried my bike (Giant Yukon) for size (before ordering online at [url][/url]) I would have bought the wrong one.

    If you like the comfortable, fairly upright position of a hybrid then that is what to buy. A road bike will be faster, but I find them less comfortable. The narrower tyres might make them feel a bit less stable as well.

    Lights will depend on your journey as well. Are there streetlights all the way? If so then you can probably get away with a set of lights to make you more visible. If you also need to light up the road to see where you are going then you may need to spend more.

    A helmet is also worth considering. Some people won't wear one. Some (me included) won't go anywhere without one. There are pro & con arguements for both choices. Maybe worth reading up and see what you prefer.

    You don't say how experienced you are at cycling. Can I recommend the book Cyclecraft by John Franklin. An instruction manual for adult cyclists riding in trafic. I got it from the library and it is full of useful info.

    Might also be worth asking advice on forums at [url][/url] or [url][/url].

    Good luck and happy cycling :thumbsup:


    You have been a great help, thank you. Would you say its best to go for a … You have been a great help, thank you. Would you say its best to go for a hybrid bike as opposed to a road bike?

    AyrshireBacon is talking a lot of sense

    I have both. I suggest go for a Hybrid. Road Bikes put you in a "leaning over" position over the handlebars great for speed, but will probably be less stable and it's harder to watch out for traffic. Also the Hybrid is likely to have wider tyres much better especially if they are NOT knobbly and just have a fine or smooth tread. You could even ask the bike shop to swap the knobbly ones for smoother rubber - all decent bike shops will do that. Also they are so much easier to pedal with!

    One last point - although they look a bit naff (in some peoples eyes) mudguards are so nice in the winter. No guards mean a wet backside, but worse is all the grit will come off the front tyre and into your eyes - it wont take long before you give up riding on wet roads which is a shame cos with mudguards you stay a lot drier.

    Ask us if you want any specific questions answered!



    I don;t know if anyone is looking at this thread still but I am alos on the lookout for a new bike between 200-250. I will be using it for exercise really so going out for half hour/hour bike rides. Roads only but I think I am going to go for a sports hybrid as I don't fancy too thin tyres or drop handlebars.
    I am looking at about 3 and wonder if anyone in the know could give me an opinion?
    One I like best is this one.…tml
    It's a bit over budget tho tbh but I would stretch to it if I thought it was worth the extra.

    another contender is this one…htm

    This last one is the one I was all set to buy from tredz which was reduced to 230. They have now sold out and I can't find it anywhere else for less than 269 but looks good.…spx

    Thanks for any opinions. Too much choice out there for me and I haven;t a clue what I'm looking for.

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