I need a service and present ideas...can you help??

    This is a bit of a wild request but does anyone know of somewhere that offers breaks where you can get treatments like liposuction, eye lash tinting, thread vein treatment..that sort of thing. Im heading for the big 50 and thought Id like to treat the old body to a service!! Its got to be in England though.

    Im also looking for present ideas as people are asking me for ideas and its tough when you have to choose something memorable.
    thanks for any help


    Blood pressure machine :whistling:

    Im also looking for present ideas as people are asking me for ideas

    By the sounds of things, ya better not ask for a mirror! ;-)

    I would suggest going to your doctor and asking them. Your doctor will know the really good places to get the treatments, and you might not be allowed all at one time. Last thing you need is a botched job! You might find the best places to go are not like spa getaways rather specialised practices, but you could always book yourself into a nice hotel and organise some spa treatments there to accompany your treatments. Good luck though!

    Present wise, something like a rosebush for the garden you can watch grow? A digital camera? Champagne? Most definately a trip to Rigby and Pellor in London - Conduit street, they are THE place to get your underwear and will work wonders! Nintendo DS to train your aging brain?

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    Thanks for the replied folks. Im pleased to say that my imperfections are well concealed and most people think Im late 30's. But you know what its like things niggle you and you start thinking why don't I do something about it for me. No one else would even know, its not like a boob job.

    I did take a look at Red Letter Days but they are mainly a day visit and would really like a break. I thought I could ask for vouchers which I can then use on a treatment/break of my choice but I haven't found anyone yet who can offer this.

    Keep the present suggestions coming please.
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