I need a sofa like this

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Found 12th Apr 2008

I've been looking for them online but they're so hard to find cos they're small. I'm basically looking for a small two seater sofa to put in my bedroom but it has to be really small but obviously big enough for two people to sit in.
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what sort of dimensions are you looking for, think the sofa I'm sitting on is about 140cm long, only 1cm either side of it to spare :O. Got mine for £140 from Argos
I had one that size it was 'a sofa in a box' as it came in a cardboard box quick google and found it here
franceshunt.co.uk/pro…htm but got mine for £80 from a small local shop
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That doesn't look too comfortable dmissy.
I found it was very comfy it has the same cushions as the pic you posted
I'm in the same position, looking for a little sofa for my bedroom.


]Klobo (£69)

]Solsta (£89)

]Knihult (£140)

]Fothult, similar size to the klobo but looks a little less cheap (£145).

The first is only in white but costs £69, the second is £89 but also a Sofa Bed and the third is £140 but looks quite good and is smaller than the klobo. The last one is a more traditional sofa and is £145.
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