I NEED a sound card.

    Hi all,

    dunno if anyone can advise but my sound card (DELL ON BOARD) seems to have died.

    I have a few (NOT loads) of MP3's (Heavy bass ie Led Zep , Pink Floyd Etc., on my hard drive and enjoy music. I have some fairly competant speakers (Altec Lansing) and wondered if anyone could advise on which sound card I should purchase?

    Not for game play but I do like a little punch but expect (Hope) any modern soundcard would have that.

    DONT want to pay out for more than I need.

    Any suggestions??


    I bought this the other week, its very good…512

    And err interesting tags

    Original Poster

    Thanks but what about the £16.00 ones?

    Are they no good.

    This one seems a bit on the topside for my liking?

    Is it a desktop or laptop Dealextreme have some usb ones for only a couple of quid

    Original Poster

    Its a Desktop.
    Dimension E520

    Looked at the one at Deal Extreme. Thanks for that.

    £5-£6 ?? We've just gone from one extreme to the other. (No pun intended)
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