I need a vacuum that is good at picking up cat hair....

Found 13th Oct 2008
As I have two long haired cats that bomb around in the middle of the night, I wake up to a mass of cat hair everywhere and my cheap Hoover just isn't cutting it! Does anyone have any recommendations on a good 'pet' vacuum to buy or on any good deals for them?

Thanks, Carrie xxx
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aren't dysons supposed to do this?

it is the dyson animal???
Dyson would suck up the cat and leave the hair behind.
the vax is a brillant one - bout £70 i think and its fantastic
I bought an Electrolux Velocity petlover as it was meant to be good for picking up pet hairs, to be honest it's not as good as my old Dyson which I have reverted back to using.
The best is not cheap I have a miele TT5000 theses are the best and last for years my old Miele lasted for over 20 years , I have just brought the TT5000 not because the old one broke down its still going got the new one for a good price £130 but thay have now gone here is a link

I was almost selling those Kirby's they are supposed to be good, :roll: But hey they are £2000 ROFLMAO
Dyson I think :thumbsup:

I've got a vax, and even that (which is usually very good) doesn't work for my cats hairs, I usually clean the carpet with a damp cloth in the areas the cats use the most to get rid of stubborn hair that the hoover won't shift.
vacumming cat (it exists!)

My mum used to do this to her cat lol

I have a dyson and my cat leaves fur all over. I find it pretty good and it's just a bog standard one. The dyson animal might be even better.
Dyson suck...!!! But Vax are pretty good as well

vacumming cat (it exists!)]link

lololol omg!! If I went anywhere near our big fatty cat with the vacuum she'd shred me to pieces!! :giggle:
Heyo, we have a moulting dog and a Dyson compact animal thing. While it is good, the turbo brush thing is not really that good. Iwould get an upright dyson standard, the turbo tools aint that much cop!
my cat hides under the bed when the vacumm comes out so no chance there lol.
lucky owner.
You funny, funny people!!

OK, I am fairly long haired - and I like to torment my captor, by not only walking round their legs just as they are at the topp of the stairs, but also by coughing up as many furballs as possible,:whistling: whilst leaving as much fur as possible ALL OVER THE BED, CARPET, CLOTHES, and what i find gets a SHREIK of a reaction is when I do it to their Little Black Dress!:p
Now then, they get this Purple Animal Dyson with a brush thing out when me and my sisters have been REALLY bad, and it SUCKS BETTER THAN MONICA LEWINSKY!!!!:whistling:

It is such a good little sucker, that I have to have another PROPER scrap with the doggie next door, and my sisters just to put my fur back in its rightful place!

(i.e the bed, fllor, carpet, clothes, doorstep, window ledge, kitchen tablw, and what I find even better is on their facr!!! A... Aaaaa A CHOOOOOO! They go!!

So, if you want our cat pennith we would recommend that Purple Animal Dyson thing MY GOD WHAT A NOISE!!:whistling:

Dyson are rubbish and overpriced IMHO

I have a Henry, faultless and always gets my puddy hairs off carpet and furniture.

the vax is a brillant one - bout £70 i think and its fantastic

Second this - I have 6 cats and 2 dogs - picks up the hair fantastically well, it's much cheaper than a dyson and filters are cheap to replace.
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