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basically im at sixthform and i need a bit of cash my ema is cutting soon. do you know how i could get it. do i just walk in a shop? thanks

anybody have any past experiences
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if i were you i would ask about go in to shops etc ask if they have any jobs available , or if they have any coming up for xmas , you are bound to find something shops are always taking on people for the run up to xmas x
If you are 18+ try bars/nightclubs, we are always hiring!
You could also try cafés & restaurants

your asking if anyone here has any past experiences of getting a job oO

i mean like getting a job when they were at school
Look on line as well as in the shops, to be honest most have already taken on staff my daughter and her friends found jobs on line at next,boots,asda and pizza hut. Make sure you have a CV and try the supernarkets or check out stores in shopping centres, at york they were hiring and had posted jobs on their windows
avoid spelling mistakes on your cv too. nothing is more of a put-off.
as above, walk in, ask to speak to manager, enquire, be polite. good luck
Most places recruit online (not Tesco though which is surprising). Neither do Argos, you need to go in and ask a manager if there's any vacancys. I worked there one Christmas and it was dead easy and fairly decent money.
That's exactly how my lad got his first weekend job: He saw an ad in a local shop and went for it on his own.

He got it more or less on the stremngth of being presentable, polite and that he went in on his own initiative (wasn't being shoved in with his mum breathing down his neck.)

Go for it. If there's a shop or anywhere else you reckon you'd fit; there's no harm in asking the manager whether they need anyone. The worst they can say is 'no'.

Go for it and good luck if you do!

Yes just go into shops. Take in a short cv, so they have your details. Go looking smart, with clean hair,freshly shaved (if you're a guy!) and just looking fresh and presentable. My son's branch of McDonalds hires ALL the time and it's a smallish one, they don't just hire at certain times. Don't just stick with shops though. Garages, offices, hotels, warehouses, cinemas, restaurants, cafes etc all take on part time and often weekend staff to help at busy times. As do places such as museums, art galleries and places of interest. If you are going into a big organisation or department store, ask for the Human Resources Department, that will be where they can tell you if they have vacancies.

My 17 yr old nephew is at sixth form college just like you, and through sheer determination, after weeks of spending his weekends tramping round shops etc, he has been given a part time job in Thornton's and is quite delighted to be earning.

Very best of luck!

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if you lived near me mate i would give u work as a dj on the weekend.
i tried loads of places when i started college (3 years ago and kept trying until i got a job)
only just got my first job so.. good luck.
I was in a store the other day when a couple of students approached the shop owner to ask about any vacancies. I am sure you would get respect for using your initiative.

May I wish you good luck in your search.
try the local hotels close to you , they are always hiring in time for all the xmas bookings, restaurants, house keeping, bar work if your over 18 and kitchen staff, some of the bigger stores are hiring now, toys r us, argos, Wilkinson are a few in my town hiring
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