I need advice on a samsung laptop that won't boot up please

    Samsung R519 has power but doesn't boot up


    need a bit more info, power or windows problem. what version of windows?

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    there is power but the laptops just shows a blank black screen. And it is windows 7

    Probably a motherboard issue if you can't even get to BIOS


    Try this.

    OP hasn't confirmed if he can access / see the boot (bios) screen

    OP hasn't confirmed if he can access / see the boot (bios) screen

    True. Although this is an option when the laptop goes into Sleep mode, and is inaccessible. Most blank screen problems are caused by this issue, usually by a faulty software update, incorrectly shutting down, or entering sleep mode. As long as the user follows the guide up to step 2, it will provide access to see if the error lies with a software or hardware fault as they can simply save and close the bios without amending the setttings, or enter safe mode (F8) as it boots up again.

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    Try taking the battery out of the back for a few minutes then putting it back in, solved one of mine. Good luck

    have you plugged in a hdmi cable and hooked it up to your tv to see if its a screen issue?

    try taking the battery completely out. then connect the mains charger and try boot from there with the battery still removed

    Take the battery off, plug the charger in, take off your pants, stand on your head, try that. Works like a charm

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    thanks for the answers I havent tried entering the bios and will give that a shot.

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    I tried accessing bios but still got blank screen.
    This laptop hasn't got a hdmi connection but I tried connecting it to pc monitor but no luck, and also trying it without the battery in it didn't work either.
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