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Found 30th Nov 2017
I need help finding some Zebra Z-Grip Eraseable 0.7 refills, I've done a quick Google but I can't find for love nor money quick scout on eBay and they want me to buy the whole pen, I have plenty pens, just need the ink. If someone can point me in probably the most obvious place, I'd appreciate it I've added a photo of the actual pen
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Tiger pens Looking at the photo, I think you need invisible ink!

Seriously though, is this what you're after Tiger pens.
It doesn't say whether this is the Eraseable ink though this is what I'm struggling with
Yes, it's not clear.
alternatively contact them here Zebra
Toptrumpet51 m ago

Yes, it's not clear.alternatively contact them here Zebra

Thank you for you help though, I appreciate It
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