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Found 24th Feb 2018
If i trade some games in cex for a voucher and then buy a game with that voucher can i swap the rest of the voucher money for cash?

Please help because if not my plans are screwed
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No you can't.
If you let the staff know what game you want to exchange your games for, they can work out which of your games you would need to exchange to be able to "pay" for the game you want. Any remaining games you have after that point could be traded in for cash.

Cex have a different pricing structure for exchange or cash, so once you have opted for one option this can not be changed after the trade has happened. Be clear that you only want to exchange enough of your games to buy (insert name game you want), and that you want cash for everything else.
Of course you can't

Have a think about what you suggested lol
You could sell whatever you have left...quite a few appear on AVForums
You get more for trading for instore vouchers so it would bankrupt CEX.
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