i need help about previous listing

Found 6th Jan 2010
I recently purchased a nc10 netbook from debenhams after seen an advert on here. i would like to know if anyone can help me find this original offer.
Thank You
(it is now expired)
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i purchased one of these for £219.97 and i have received an email saying no stock cos warehouse was flooded. they told me they would try and find more stock, after 2 days another email saying that they have cancelled my order,when i checked if the money had been refunded back to my bank account i have noticed, that my money has been taken out of my account, not buy debenhams but by buyitdirect.co.uk. so ive decided to check this website to see if they have got any in stock and they have and they are selling them for £309.00 exactly the same make and model, could any1 please advise me what to do, i need some help.


Thank You
anyone there to give me helpful advice Please

anyone there to give me helpful advice Please

Well your contract is with Debenhams so you should ask them for a refund as they have not supplied the goods.

The only other option you may want to try is to play dumb and pretend you didn't get the emails. Just contact them saying they took the money out on X and you haven't received it yet. You maybe lucky and somebody might chase it up and you will get one or they may just sort out your refund.
ok mate thanks for yor help
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