I need help finding bedside/over bed computer table

Found 14th Nov 2013
Hi Guys.
I am looking for a special item for my uncle who is disabled and currently bed ridden due to ill health.
I have found what i want, i just can't find it in the UK or from a reliable seller.
What I'm mainly after is a over-bed computer desk.
It must be able to hold a vesa mount monitor, and have a tray to hold the keyboard and mouse.
This (BELOW) is the PERFECT item for him, his bed is quite high up, but this would allow easy access to get him in and out of bed, but also be quite stable to allow him to use his joystick mouse and to fix his keyboard too.

Any help is greatly appreciated guys!!
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The Ikea MALM would be a possible option to consider. It has casters so can simply be slid down to the end of the bed out of the way or against a wall when not in use.


Most monitors have mounting holes in the base so you can avoid the need for a vesa mount.
Hmm close... but this would deb far too low for their bed, its a mechanically controlled specialist bed.
Its much higher up and also raises and lowers electronically.
It would also be in the way for getting him out of bed etc...

Thanks for suggestion, but i need something a little more mobile and adjustable.
Hiya. Was wondering if you could wall mount the monitor
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Yeah I'll look into that thanks
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