I need help finding/deciding on a laptop!

    I am looking for a laptop with a good processor and a decent amount of ram. I am not bothered about how much memory it has as I can just add more if needs be. I want a dedicated graphics card and to be able to handle some games but obviously not at top spec.
    Up to now the best one I have seen is a i7 lenovo with 4gb of dedicated memory for graphics bit not too sure on it.
    I am looking to spend anywhere up to £600.
    Any help would be great!
    The link to the lenovo is below.…9d0


    Looks like a good choice and with the spec you need.
    Just consider that this laptop has a 1080p (1920x1080)screen and you would get better gaming performance if you had the same graphics card with a lower resolution screen (1366x768).
    There are pros and cons for both to down to your personal preference and what feature is more important to you.

    I have over 40 years experience with comps and have pulled down and repaired many laptops. I prefer Acer for my personal use mainly from the aspect of being able to access the Thermal unit easily as opposed to say, Toshiba which requires ( usually ) a full pull down.
    Please be aware that ALL laptops are basically the same inside, usually built of the cheapest parts. Having said that you indicate you're willing to spend £600, the following addy might help you. I hope you get the one you're looking for.…se/

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    I had an acer aspire and it over heated and the fan broke due to this, so not to confident in acers atm. Also that link doesn't work so I can't go on it sorry.
    I would prefer lower res screen due to that but I can't find anything that has the same spec for around the same price.

    I'm also trying to look for the same good specs for that price. I need a budget laptop for video editing it's not going to happen unless I fire some serious cash at one

    Seriously considering the lenovo you linked although there are mixed reviews

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    The mixed reviews was the reason for this post. Although the main thing attracting me to this deal is the 2 yeas free warranty.
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