I need help upgrading a Dell inspiron 15 7000!

Posted 23rd Dec 2022
Hello fellow HUKD ers' .

My step father has a Dell Inspiron 15 7000 which i've found out is a 7560 model. The initial problem was a really loud fan which at first I thought it was a hard drive problem but I then went on to discover it only had an M.2 sata 2280 drive. So i've ordered this fan! which i think would solve the problem! I've opened the laptop and it appears to be the same . So i'll install that when it arrives!

The second problem is that he's running out of space on his 250 gb M.2 sata drive. So I thought i'd upgrade that while I've got the laptop open! I initially thought maybe a 512gb drive but might aswell go for a 1Tb drive! After looking at the obvious contenders I've seen and maybe an integral> I did see some similar priced drives on Ebay so i was hoping to wait for a 15% off code but the WD drive through Ebuyer has disappeared so maybe better going to Amazon.

Also, after opening the laptop i spotted an enclosure for a 2.5' sata drive so a possibility to add a drive there although I think it would be more intuitive to just clone the M.2 drive onto a larger M.2 drive and ignore the 2.5" drive option!

After checking out AliExpress ( I've got a dual M.2 sata and Nvme enclosure on the way!) i spotted this deal for a 2Tb SATA for only £32.46 which seems too good to be true .

However earlier tonight I was looking through an instruction manual that i'd found online ( I think through DELL) it mentioned :

Your computer supports one of the following configurations:
● One 2.5-inch hard drive
● One M.2 solid-state drive
● One M.2 solid-state drive and one 2.5-inch hard drive
Table 10. Storage specifications
Interface SATA 6 Gbps
Hard drive One 2.5-inch drive (SATA)
Solid-state drive One M.2 drive (SATA)
Hard drive Up to 1 TB
SSD Up to 512 GB

That was through this manual

So now I don't know what size drive to go for!?Maybe after reading the manual will i have to stick to a 500Gb drive! I'm hoping someone can enlighten me!

Also while i'm opening up the laptop again I may aswell add another 8Gb ram stick as there only £12!
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    I've never known a hardware limit the size of disk that can be used.

    Put what you want in, the laptop won't care.
    I doubt your father would notice speed differences between a 2.5 and m2 ssd

    Get a 2.5 sata and keep the 250gb m2 as the OS drive and the 2.5 for storage. You can move the location of "Documents" in windows to the 2.5 location and Windows will relocate all this for you.

    Thanks for your reply and your link! I don’t think it will be such a good idea storing documents on another drive! I think I’m just going to go for a larger M.2 drive and it won’t be any difference to his standard M.2!? If I just get a 1Tb drive that is 4 times the size of his current drive and he hopefully won’t fill that! It’s taken him 5 years to fill the current 250Gb drive!
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    Just stripped down my 2 dell desktops yesterday, cleaned them and put crucial 240 gb ssd as a boot drive and 1TB crucial ssd for storage.Once up and running the fans were a bit noisy so I used dell support tool. To optimise the pc.
    It did a good job, spun them up to maximum and down again.
    Now you can’t hear them. They are to old for m.2 drives.
    Thanks for your reply. I’ve had the laptop open and the fans are completely clean. I’m hoping to just have one drive (probably 1Tb) so that he won’t notice any difference in use! I’ll give that fan optimiser ago as I’ll be there over Christmas! Do you have a link? Granted I’ve not googled it though! Thanks in advance.
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    Quite a simple solution. Pick up a speedy M.2 of say 512GB or a 1TB if you can push it (£45 to £90 say). Then get a larger 2TB 2.5” SSD for documents and photos. Bosh.
    Thanks for your reply. I think that’s what I’m going for (1Tb M.2) but it’s a SATA not an NVMe so no faster than a 2.5” SATA drive! Whether there’s faster reads or writes on these I do not know!
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    only flicked through this thread but just to go back to your initial point about the loud fan.. was it always loud? i highly doubt its a dirty fan, if the fan is running hard then thats a sign that your cpu could be under load. potentially youve got an errant program (usually an antivirus like norton! ) or system update chundering away in the background which is maxing out your cpu. id say open up taskmanager and have a look and see what your cpu is doing. if it was nice and quiet when you first had it and the noise is a recent change then try a factory restore. (after backing up your documents) get everything back fresh and see if that shuts it all up.

    and as others said. keep your operating system and main programs on the m2 drive. its the fastest. then use the separate ssd for documents. advantage of that is if you ever reset your operating system all your documents are safe and sound plus you can just whip that drive out and pop it in a new computer if you ever upgrade. and if you get a virus or some kind of failure on your system drive it doesnt take out your documents either. plus its less wear and tear on your system drive since youre not copying documents to it. and if you run out of room you can take it out, pop it in an external caddy and then copy it all across to a new larger data drive. and usually theyre cheaper too.... the advantages are numerous. a separate data and system drive has been standard practice for as long as i remember to be honest and one of the first things i do when getting a new pc/laptop. (edited)
    Thanks for your reply! The fan wasn’t always loud! It only been like this for a matter of months! I think it’s definitely the fan at fault (I’ve received the new fan recently (only £7) so I will install soon). When I did dismantle the laptop I was expecting dust to be the culprit but it was very clean! So I’m assuming it’s the bearings in the fan! I did install a program to monitor temperature but I couldn’t see any obvious problems (although maybe I’m not using it correctly). I’m also hoping it’s not related to thermal paste drying out although I do have some just incase! I’m reluctant to do a factory reset as if I do and make things worse then I’m responsible!

    I appreciate it may be a good idea to have a split hard drive system so as to have a separate 2.5 “ SSD (possibly even a HDD!) to save photos to (this is the reason for filling the 256Gb M.2 SATA drive) but I don’t want to have to train him into using a “new” system of saving/moving data! If I keep it to one single drive (upto 1TB) he won’t have to do anything differently!

    Im still not 100% on which method to go for (currently just a single 1TB M.2 SATA) so I do appreciate the help of you and others posting! Thanks in advance.
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    You've mentioned this 2tb AliExpress drive a few times, please don't buy it!
    I've seen so many times at my old laptop repair job people losing data from dodgy storage drives and usb sticks. It's a waste of money, don't give it to scammers.

    You're on the right site for a good deal, wait for a good 1tb SSD to pop up from a well known manufacturer!
    Thanks for your reply. I’ve already disregarded the “Chinese “ drive so it looks like about £60 for a WD 510. I did spot a drive on eBay through ebuyer at about £60 so I was thinking about waiting for a 15% off code but the drive listing has disappeared so I may have to go Amazon as they have it for £60. I wasn’t expecting the drives to be so dear with them being obsolete in a sense as they have been surpassed by the much faster NVMe! Maybe that’s supply and demand though!

    After just rereading your post, you mentioned maybe waiting for a deal on here, and I’m thinking your referring to a 2.5” SATA SSD! Maybe I should go with that option and bypass the M.2 drive (maybe use for future external/portable storage)! Thanks in advance.
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    Late to the party here, but good advice from the folks

    Your link does not work, but assume you mean this: amazon.co.uk/Int…h=1

    Looks like warranty is for 1 year, which is a no from me.

    Kingspec from your previous post offers a 3 year warranty, which is better.

    I would wait around for something that gives 5 year warranty like WD or Samsung, etc.....worth a few pounds imho
    Thanks for your reply. I think I might follow that advice of waiting for a drive with a 5 year warranty! Although I recently spotted the WDSA510 had a 5 year “limited” warranty! I’m not sure what that means though! Thanks in advance.
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    If you have not bought yet and agree with your comment on using a 2.5" SSD: hotukdeals.com/com…082. Something you will be able to use in a desktop or Laptop. Not worth getting an M2.SATA as most likely anything you move onto will me M2.NVME compatible in the future and an M2.SATA will not be ideal.

    If you are in a hurry, then get this Samsung for under under £60: amazon.co.uk/dp/…h=1
    It has 3 year warranty but has a great reputation.

    If you can wait a bit longer, wait for a bargain, e.g. the crucial mx 500 is a good one with 5 year warranty.
    Thanks for your reply. Do you think a 2.5” SATA drive (such as the Samsung you linked to) would be quicker or just better for longevity? I’d spotted a WD SA510 M.2 SATA from WD direct for just under £60 once taking into account topcashback!? Thanks in advance.
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    Hi Andy! Thanks for your reply! You seem to be a night owl!

    I didn’t think of checking Crucial! So they seem to mean that the 1tb limit for the SSD seems to be wrong, so does that mean (or do you think) that the 500gb limit for the M.2 SATA is also not accurate!? Maybe I should just try a 2Tb M.2 drive!?

    Also what do you think of that link to Aliexpress which offers the 2tb drive for £32.46!? Does that seem to good to be true or is this drive format almost obsolete so just trying to get rid? I’ve also seen a listing on eBay that has pretty much the same wording and images for a similar price (maybe covered by eBay if I need to return? Maybe they are fake) Here.?
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    I’m also now wondering whether to replace the M.2 drive with a 2.5” SATA SSD? Would it be any slower than the M.2? In the future when the laptop reaches its end of life then would the 2.5” drive have more resale value than the M.2? Thanks in advance.
    M.2 is the fastest SSD available, especially if it's nvme. Keep it as the primary with windows and all your programs/games installed on it
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    What has he got that is filling up his 250GB of M2 drive?

    He cant be using all that data all the time so cant he move some of it out to an external hard drive?
    He’s mainly storing photos which I suppose could be reduced in size but I think the best solution is just to get a larger storage drive!? Thanks. (edited)
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    Thanks for your help guys! I’ve decided on getting a branded 1TB M.2 SATA drive! Originally I’d seen a drive (WD SA510 1TB) on eBay through ebuyer I think that was £60 and I thought great, I’ll get this when there’s a next discount code but that listing has now disappeared from eBay! Then I spotted the same drive on Amazon for almost £64 but in the last few hours that’s now gone upto £77 so a bit too expensive for my liking! I’ve now seen a Kingspec (Here ) drive for £60 ! So I don’t know whether to go for that as I don’t know much about that brand! Maybe I should wait for a better deal on the WD drive, it has 5 year “limited” warranty, I don’t know what warranty is with the Kingspec, I was hoping to do the upgrades on the 7th of January! Thanks in advance. (edited)
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