I need help with a new phone!!

    Which one of these phones should I get?

    Samsung Tocco
    Samsung Omnia

    I really need some help I will have around £80 - 120 in December and im wondering which phone to get anyone got any advice


    I have the Samsung Omnia and i struggle to use the touchscreen on it without the stylus. I wish i never got a 2 year contract now lol.

    Hope that helps a little bit

    get the n85, most samsungs are useless...

    Which model Omnia are you talking about? I had the Omnia i900 and I hated it!!

    yeah i had the i900 i keep forgetting they have brought out a new one now.

    But yeah it is awful does my head in

    Get a used iphone 2g?

    Original Poster

    iphone 2G - Do you have to use the internet or not?
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