I need help with a paypal dispute!

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Found 26th Sep 2008
Right so I sold my Nintendo Wii to a fella on ebay, and it was in perfect working condition.

Now, 3 weeks later, he claims it doesn't work and wants his money back, and straight away made a claim on paypal for the refund. Now my paypal wont let me send money for items i've bought because of him. So I've replied on the dispute saying sorry, but there is nothing I can do, he agreed it was working when he got it, only now its broken.

He also claims I have details for the warranty, but I thought that Nintendo take the serial number, which he has.

I just want to know what I can legally do in this situation, because its not really fair considering I was honest in the listing.

Rep for any help and thank you


did he leave you positive feedback before he decided to put in the claim? :?

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Cheerleader - Yes he did, saying it was as described and very good transaction.

Starsparkle2311 - Well I hope so, will Paypal look at the dispute and judge it then? I'm not sure how it works.

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Ahh right. He had 100% feedback, so possibly he is regretting his purchase like you said. Anyway thanks, and rep left :thumbsup:

I would still offer him anything you can to help him like the original receipt etc if it is under 1 year old so he should either be able to get a replacement or a fix.
It depends if you implied any warranty of the original ebay listing as well, but don't bury your head in the sand with them, answer as quickly & fully as you can and they should sort you out.

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That's the thing, I don't have the original reciept, but it is definetely under a year old, I got it in june.

i dont trust paypal, in my experience they always side with the buyer. If you do not have funds in paypal i would cancel the direct debit (just in case)


^ as above paypal will always refund the buyer

I can see paypal siding with the buyer, he will be told to send the item back to you, and the money he paid will be withdrawn from your account. It will be up to you do sort out warranty and getting it repaired. I don't know many cases where paypal side with the seller.
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