I need help with my pc

    My pc keeps ****ing up and I have no idea y I need ur help anyone. I keep getting this message on my pc SERVER BUSY and it has happened many time some times it goes some time I just can't use that domain any more and I have to make a new domain (user) I have no idae what to do please help. I am gonna try and get a pic of the maessage but this is the 1st time I have use my blackberry to do this so I don't no how thank u in advance
    I no that on this site their is some of the best minds around


    is your pc connected to a network cause you only usually get server busy when connected to a domain

    If you're connected to a domain, you're presumably at an estabilshment that set up that domain (employer, university ..). You would be advised to contact their tech-support team.

    I assume you're not piggy-backing on someone's network as an unauthorized user, in which case you're on your own.

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    no i work in a small shop and are internet is us connected though wire and its orange bb
    and i am the adim

    what do u mean about i network?

    i really don't get computers sorry

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    did this work to stop the computer doing the server busy thing?

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    will it also solve the prob if i am not on that domain as it doesn't work?
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