i need some advice! O2 and Phones4U

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Found 26th Aug 2007
I have a serious question here...

i bought my contract with o2 last year July from phones4you on an 18month. i signed up to the deal where they buy me out at 15months (As in they pay for the last 3months as long as i stay with them) and i get a free phone and a better contract. this was done as a deal by phones4you, NOT o2.

o2 recently (around the time the Samsung U600 came out) upgraded my contract as i mentioned above (this is o2 them selfs, nothing to do with phones4you).

here is the question, do you think i can go to phones4you in October and claim my upgrade offer, or do you think taking the upgrade deal through o2 has canceled my terms with phones4you?

Any help would be appreciated, i have never been in this mix up before!

either way I'm gonna try to do it, but any advice to take on board would be great!

I'm acutely happy with the contact but i wouldn't mind a new phone, bored of the Sony Ericsson's same functions and the slow and stupid functioned Samsungs!


Added info to title so you might receive a response from those who know

I should imagine that your Phones4U terms have been invalidated... they may have lost commission...
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