I need some advice on an aquarium, can you help please?

    Ok so we have now got a more suitable fish tank (we were wrongly advised to get a round one before, long story) its almost square and is 48litres, it has two lights, one white and one blue (apparently to be like the moon) it has a venturi effect filter (like i know what that means!!), a heater with thermostat and we have also got a pump to blow bubbles into the water from below.

    Now my dilema is whether to have cold water or tropical, I have been told tropical are easy enough to care for but im not convinced and reckon a few nice goldfish would look lovely. I am going to fill it with water tomorrow then leave it for 8 days before buying the fish.

    Many thanks for your help and advice guys


    Sounds like you have a tank set up for marine fish as cold or tropical fish do not really need the blue light but still will give a nice effect on a night. Would go with tropical ie neons as they have lovely colours which your lights will set off lovely, these are easy to keep as long as you keep up the cleaning of filters and tank.

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    phew thanks for the re-assurance, i was frightened to death that the tropical were really hard to keep

    Tropical fish are not hard to keep as long as you get fish that are good together,(community fish) and around the same size ie dont go buying an angel fish and putting it with noeons as it will more then likly eat them. A venturi filter effect with aid water movement therefore water will not become stagnent and aids in putting oxygen in the water it also helps with filtering waste material from the surface as the water movement lossens dirt. hope this helps

    take a water sample (from the aquarium) with you when you buy the fish, most places will test it free to make sure your ph is correct

    we have a small tester kit we bought few years ago, their quite expensive to start with but last ages

    Tropical are easy to care for we have 2 tanks, onesa 30L just a few neon's in there, others a 90L that has quite a mixture

    Libraries & google are a good source of fish books if you want to investigate varieties

    We also have a blue light and a normal one, it does give a nice effect and isnt too bright in the evening if watching a film

    the hard bit is the cleaning

    A clean tank is a happy tank, test your water regular and you won't go far wrong. ONLY buy fish from a good supplier, fish should be bright in colour with no marks or tears and most importantly swimming! lol

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    i have been told to get the water tested regularly, my OH and I have jobs that mean we visit a lot of houses and each time we see a fish tank now were tapping them up for advice, i was just a bit mixed up between the tropical or cold water choice, It gets filled up tonight, so fingers crossed the new unit will support it nicely and it will look cool!!!

    cheers for your help guys
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